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Jinglei office and workshop buildings

Jinglei established in 1988 as Yibin Clad Plate workshop.

Sichuan Province Commission for Restructuring the Economic System approved the system of company as limited by shares in 2000.

Jinglei Main products: Stainless steel clad plates and non-ferrous clad plates,Clad head,Pressure Vessels; Clad Pipes and pipe units; 3-D finned tubes,etc.

Register Capital: RMB200,000,000(about USD30,000,000)

Clad plate annual capacity: 120,000 Tons.

Pressure vessles annual capacity: 30,000 tons.

Clad pipes annual capacity: 20,000 tons.

Sichuan Jinglei clad plates mainly used in: Petroleum、chemical industry、Salt manufacturing、Salt chemical engineering、Irrigation project、Electric Power industry、Paper Manufacturing、Environmental protection and Desalination of sea water, etc.

Jinglei clad plates products covers all over the China and some countries of European, North America and Asia.

Some projects which used Jinglei Clad plat products: TGP (Three Gorges Project); West-East natural gas transmission project; Ertan hydropower station; Luoxidu hydropower station; Puguang Gas field project; Oil refining and coking projects for Sinopec; CNPC and CNOOC; Vacuum salt project etc.

Jinglei is the first class clad plates supplier of Sinopec and CNPC.

Certificate: ISO9001-2008 management system certification from LROA、ISO14001:2004 HSE managements system certification、Explosive clad plate “Safety certification” from National Pressure Vessels standard committee; ASME “U” Stamp for pressure vessels manufacturing,API 5LD for clad pipe,etc.

For years Jinglei is obtained following rewards: “Sichuan High-Tech Company”、 “Sichuan Province company technology center ”、 “National enterprise technology center”、 “Sichuan Province major technical equipment company”; “Jinglei Brand” clad plates continuously take “Sichuan famous brand” and same time trademark of “Jinglei Brand” is considerated as “Sichuan famous trademark” and “National reputed trademark”. Jinglei is “Sichuan Creditable company” .

Jinglei covers over 240,000 square meters, 60,000 square meter is factory area. There are self-owned railway special line, four special environmental protection explosive fields, five Natural gas heat furnaces, single capacity of traveling crane is 200 tons and various heavy, high precision manufacturing equipments and Accelerator test room.

Now there are over 1700 employees in company, among them there are almost 500 professional person and 60 high level technical personnel etc.


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Jinglei client

Jinglei client