Clad plate is a kind of composite steel material manufactured by explosion bonding stainless steel, Nickel-base alloy material(as cladding steel) to either or both sides of a carbon metal(as base metal). So,clad plates have sufficient strength required of structural steel(base metal),and other features, such as corrosion resistance, heat resistance,high pressure resistance(cladding steel). And the price of clad plate is much lower than that used of solid cladding material.

explosive welding process


        Explosive welding process 

Jinglei manufacture explosion bonded clad steel plate since 1988.  And in 2000, Sichuan Province Commission for Restructuring the Economic System approved the systm of company as limited by shares. 

Explsoin bonded clad steel plates are widely used in: Petrleum, Chemical industr, Salt manufacturing, Salt chemical engineering, Irrigation project, Electric Power industry, Paper Manufacutring, Environmental protection and Desalination of sea water etc. 

Some projects which harnessed Jinglei explosion bonded clad steel plates are: China Three Gorges Project, China West-East natural gas transmission project, Ertan hydropower station, Xiluodu hydropower station, Puguang gas field project, Oil refining and coking projects for Sinopec, CNPC(China Naitonal Petroleum Corporation), Vacuum salt projects etc.